The Regenerative Education System and Practice — Part 4

Carol Sanford
6 min readAug 1, 2020

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Double-slit experiment with electrons, from Wikimedia Commons

Premise Six: Laser Focus to Nodal

It is likely clear by now that the educator role has had a seismic shift. I call it an Epistemological Shift. The epistemology becomes a non-expert one with self-directed discovery as the core guide to roles in the system. This is the heart of the new paradigm. The nodal idea. Learners are the teachers of themselves — in the context of a value-adding process they create or join that serves specific others. They bring themselves to it from an essence awareness. They make promises to serve in a meaningful way that stretches them as a whole being. They have resources and infrastructure that is designed and administered to ensure this and a developmental plan they have created, detailed, called in resources for and are pulled by the promise they made. They are also reflecting on the nested context they exist in and effect as well as are affected by. The development is guided by the idea that they test everything with the own reflective experience rather than accepting the ideas of others. They value science, great writing, and thinking, but not as received ideas, rather as ideas to experience and reflect on, then from that position incorporate it into their life, or not. Evolve it or leave it behind.

They accept nothing without examining it in terms of the source of the idea: what paradigm is it framed from, what belief about humans and how they change. They are looking to expose any machine, behavioral, and anthropocentric hidden premises. They know that even science has a paradigm and influences what can be studied and seen as possible answers. They are rigorous and disciplined, and do not accept any teacher’s word for anything. They don’t so much question authority as they question the thinking behind what is offered.

A teacher in the new system not only tolerates that, they foster it and are delighted to design experiences to test ideas and theories. They have learned to manage themselves and their ego, hubris, and arrogance that can be triggered from the old paradigm interpretation of their roles.

The teacher works to displace the toxic and degenerative practices while growing what’s evolutionary, simultaneously…



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