Regenerative Capitalism practice is possible. We have to pursue the value-adding aspect of capitalism, however. e.g. it demands and enbles the development of WILL to express one’s personal essence into the world in a unique way and gain reciprocity in return. If understood, it makes systemic reciprocity possible for the system as a whole. Most other economic frameworks undermine or dimish this advantage.

However, we have currently set up taxing systems and market processes that favor people who do not do so and are not core to the principles of capitalism. People can make no value-adding contribution and get advantages for having assets that do not produce any significant value-generating capacity. I write to pose different processes, education and means that provide a way to regenerate capitalism to advance the Will aspect required and rethink the structure of economics, businesses and society to create a way to function that is Whole for all. #regenerativeCapitalism #regenerativeBusiness #regenerativeEconomies

Sr Fellow Social Innovation, Babson | Best Selling/Multi-Award Winning Author | Regenerative Paradigm Educator

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