Four Wisdoms: Reawakening Spirit in Work, the Workplace, and Workers — Part 3

Designing Business Improvements In “Right Relationship” To Evoke The Natural Wisdom Of Spirit

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Wisdom One — Design Guideline: Accept spirit as a natural force, not in need of external stimulation

Wisdom Two — Design Guideline: Ensure that each person is increasingly able to bring their unique creativity to the distinctiveness of the business’s product offerings

Wisdom Three Design Guideline: Work should connect every person on a daily basis to the effects produced by their efforts in a way that creates aspiration to be more virtuous in their contribution.

Wisdom Four Design Guideline: Everyone in the organization must be linked actively to each of these in their work, not divided up by functions or hierarchical levels of the organization

Caveat: Why Popular Business Endeavors Tend To Deplete Spirit

About Carol Sanford

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Sr Fellow Social Innovation, Babson | Best Selling/Multi-Award Winning Author | Regenerative Paradigm Educator

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