Developmental Successes at Clorox

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Deer Park Spring Water

In the second year of using the developmental technology we grew the company 22 percent, and profits increased by 10 percent in after tax earnings in one year.

Kingsford Charcoal

The first noticeable result is changes in capacity. Charcoal went from 13 plants and 2 contractors to 5 plants producing exactly the same amount of tonnage. From a safety record that was substantially worse than the industry average, substantially worse than the rest of Clorox, it went to leading Clorox, in terms of the lowest number of lost time accidents. It was setting the safety program standards for Clorox so that the rest of the company started talking, with an accident record that was not only the best in the company but well below the established industry average of the charcoal business.

Hidden Valley Food Division

At Hidden Valley, we had three to five new products out in record time where all of the functions of the group worked together to create the new products. Bottled Hidden Valley Ranch, a new product that Clorox had been trying to launch for six years and had never been successful with, we actually got in the market in a year — beginning with a complete review of the R&D program and finishing in a test market with the product that was later very successful — first and second brands in the category. A bunch of products were done in three to five months, from start to finish. When things are working this way, the right things happen. You win awards from your suppliers about how well you launch new products because you get a product that is recognized as a winner and the packaging supplier is an integral part of that. One of my keepsakes is a packaging award we won and which also got us a whole lot of new business.


One thing that makes an immense difference is keeping the organization focused on the results while you’re doing this work. You will get improvements. I expected improvements. I insist you learn this for the benefit of everyone in the organization, but it’s got to show on the bottom line as well.

Sr Fellow Social Innovation, Babson | Best Selling/Multi-Award Winning Author | Regenerative Paradigm Educator

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